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Yes, Madara is in Sasuke's family tree. Madara is Sasuke's great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather.

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Madara is not directly related to Sasuke and Itachi, they are from the same clan.

Madara was the leader of the clan some 80 years ago.

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He is technically related to all Uchiha, but the only close relative he had was his brother Izuna

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Q: Is madara Uchiha Sasuke family
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Who are the uchiha survivors?

Sasuke Uchiha and Madara Uchiha

What kind of relationship does Sasuke have with Madara?

they both are part of the uchiha family and they both have sharingan

Who is last survivor of Uchiha clan?

There is no "Last Survivor of the Uchiha Clan", but there are "Last Survivors of the Uchiha Clan" whom are Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. Although the "Last Survivor of the Uchiha Clan" is most likely to be Madara after Sasuke dies since Madara will live eternally, according to fan predictions. Madara,Sasuke and only Sasuke,but the other 2 are also revived by edo tensei

How many sharingan users are there?

Sasuke Uchiha, Tobi AKA Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Shisui Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Danzo and Itachi Uchiha.

Is Sasuke Itachi and Madara in the Uchiha clan?

Yes. They are all in the Uchiha clan.

Is madara Sasuke's big bother?

No. Itachi Uchiha is.

Is Sasuke madara?

No, uchiha sasuke is not madara, however, madara is either uchiha itachi's grand or great-grandfather. Therefore, sasuke is madara's grandson or great-grandson.

Is Sasuke a member of the akutsi?

Aye. In the current episdoes of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke Uchiha and his merry tribe have joined with the Akatsuki. Sasuke joined after Madara Uchiha revealed himself to him, after Sasuke had defeated Itachi Uchiha. =]

Who killed Uchiha clan?

Akatsuki didn't killed the entire uchiha clan. itachi Uchiha did. But it was a mission. Since Itachi Uchiha needed to kill the entire uchiha clan, Madara Uchiha knew everything what has happened. Sasuke Uchiha (The little brother of Itachi Uchiha) Is one of the 3 survivor's. When Sasuke killed Itachi, Tobi (Madara uchiha) told Sasuke the truth about Itachi. Since then, Uchiha Sasuke want revenge on konoha.

Does Sasuke take madara's eyes?

No,Sasuke will get killed soon in the manga. So there's no way he would be able to take madara,uchiha's eyes.

Does itachi and Sasuke have a sister?

No they do not they never will because Itachi killed the Uchiha clan and the only survivors were Itachi, Sasuke, and Tobi. Yes Tobi is an Uchiha.Tobi is Madara Uchiha and madara didnt die i dont know how did he live when he was fighting the first hokage so madara weared a mask so nobody knows that hes madara uchiha

Who are all the people with sharingan?

For those who are alive until shippuden it is Kakashi- Madara Uchiha- Sasuke Uchiha- Itachi Uchiha- Danzo