Do all the uchia members die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no not all of them have dies. sasuke, itachi, and madara are the surviving uchiha clan members. well that is until sasuke kills itachi. and eventually sasuke kills madara

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Q: Do all the uchia members die?
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Madara uchia is Tobi?

It is Uchiha, not uchia. Apparently, no Madara is not Tobi, Tobi just took Madara's name.

Who is Toby teague?

It's choby's step father ^^^^umm i have never heard of him but choby doesnt have a step father but Tobi is madara uchia the founder of the uchia clan and akatsuki and just pretty bad a** over all :)

What is sauske last name?


Is madara dead?

Yes madara uchiha is still alive.He is one of the akatsuki member.he goes by the name of Tobi and later in the show it is know that Tobi posses a sharingan which only belongs to members of the uchiha clan.Madara fought the first hokage and hes still alive because he posses the immortal sharingan!

Did U2 members die?

No. They are all still alive.

Who summon the nine tailed beasts?

madara uchia

What is the religions of Samoa?

the major feligion is the uchia clan

Did one of the bananarama members die?

No they are all still alive.

Is Toby a noun?

Tobi is uchia madara the akatsuki leader

Why is madara uchia immortal?

because he gain eternal sharingan.

Did one of the members from dru hill die?

As far as I can tell, all members of dru hill are still living.

Who kills madara uchia?

Many have tried but no one has succeeded... yet