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Q: Is laim payne from one direction gay?
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What is laim from one direction first name?

Liam Payne

What is laim from one direction last name?

Liam's last name is Payne.

Does Laim Payne smoke?

No, Liam Payne does not smoke the only One Direction boy that we know of who smokes is Zayn.

How can you be like laim from One Direction?

There is no 'Laim' from One Direction

Is Liam payne from the band one direction really gay?


Where does laim out of one direction live?

He live in Wolverhampton

What is laim's nick names of one direction?

*Liam Daddy Direction or Lee-Yum

Does Liam Payne and Niall Horan from one direction have a relationship?

As in gay, no. Liam has a girlfriend. But bromance, yea..

Which one direction members can actually sing?

all of them mostly Harry and Laim

When is laim birthday?

august 29 1993 (8-29-93) love one direction

What is Liam Payne known as?

Liam Payne from One direction.

What is Liam Payne?

Liam Payne is an English member of the band One Direction.