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Q: Who likes Justin Bieber from one direction?
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Who in One Direction likes Justin Bieber?

zayn i think this answer may not be correct but i am 99% it is correct.

Who is famouser Justin Bieber or one direction?

justin bieber, one direction was discovered in either 2010 or 2011 and justin bieber was discovered in 2006

Which one of the one direction members likes Justin Bieber?

Niall likes him the most (he's a massive belieber), but they're all really good friends!(:

Who is best out of Justin Bieber and one direction?

Who is best out of Justin Bieber and One Direction will depend largely on who you ask. Many teen girls will say that One Direction is best, while others will tell you Justin Bieber is number one.

Who do you think is cuter and better Justin Bieber or one direction?

Justin bieber is cuter

What is one direction feat Justin Bieber song?

There is not a song from one direction where justin is featured in it.

Who has better fans Justin Bieber or one direction?

One Direction

Who really likes Justin Bieber?

Many girls like Justin Bieber, but only one likes him really, and that isn't Selena.

What was one direction's mentor?

Justin Bieber

Did one direction have more views than Justin Bieber?

noo.. unfortunately. Justin Bieber rose up to fame before One Direction.

Is Justin Bieber and one direction going the same road?

Justin Bieber and One Direction are entirely separate entities, and do not make joint decisions.

Is Justin Bieber jelouse of one direction cause of ther fans?

yes justin bieber is jelouse of one direction because one direction took all of justins fans