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simple answer. they aren't 3/5 of one direction have girlfriends as much as the one direction fandom would like to think they are gay they aren't.

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Q: Why are people in one direction gay?
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Who are the people that are in one direction?

gay gay gay and gay

Do people like one direction?

everyone hates one direction and loves Justin bieber harry is gay niall is gay Louis is gay zany is gay and liam is gay and Justin bieber is just hot! unlike one direction

How can people not like one direction?

Because they want to go a different direction duh. People dont like one direction becaasue they do not want to be gay and have no life. One direction are FAKE AND GAY!! FAKE AND GAY!! I don't like One Direction because I honestly think they are overrated, annoying and honestly they have to much publicity. (Keep in mind that people are entitled to their own opinions and not everyone is going to like someone like some people don't like One Direction.

Is One Direction guy gay?

None of the members of One Direction are gay.

Who is gay on One Direction?

Hey One Direction is so not gay they are perfectly fine

Why do people say One Direction are gay?

Because people are stupid and judge people because they are jealous or don't like them. One direction is not gay. People just start rumors. Honestly I hate it when people call them gay because how do you think they feel? Being called gay or lesbian is offensive and no one wants to be called that. The boys all love eachother like family, not boyfriend.

Is one direction better than Beatles?

The Beatles is better than gay Direction the beatles sing better because one direction is gay direction

Are 2 boys in one direction gay?

NO and I'm tired of people saying they are gay. THEY ARE NOT GAY! They both had girlfriends at one point. They just share a specail friendship/bromance.

Is one of the in one direction gay?


Why are people saying one direction is gay?

I guess they are just saying that because they want less people to like it. How would you feel if you had a band and people were calling you gay when you wern't?

Is the boy band one direction gay?

No, none of them are gay.

Is on direction gay?

As of February 2014, none of the members of the band, One Direction, have came out saying they are gay.