What are directioners?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Directioners are people who like One Direction. They support them. They are loving people who defend their fandom when needed to. "Directioners are awesome!" "We love One Direction." "You need to back off! One Direction never did anything to you."

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People who hate Directioners and hate One Direction and Directioners are who like One Direction!

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*niall voice* The best fans in the world

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Q: What are directioners?
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Are there more directioners or beliebers?

more directioners

What age range are directioners?

Directioners are around 13-18. That's the ages of the majority of Directioners.

Do directioners have their own land?

Nope, but most Directioners call themselves "Narnian Directioners" as they don't live in the same homeland as One Direction.

What are One Direction's fan called?

They are called directioners and they one direction haters are called directionaters i do not like one direction

What are the fan's of one direction called?

they are called DIRECTIONERS norma and Sandra directioners 4 life

What is the name of one direction fans?

Directioner and DirectioNATORS Directioners-like/love One Direction for who they are and love all of them accepting their flaws which they don't have any but if you're a directioner you're always a directioner, there is more but i'm not going to say all of it, that's to much. DirectioNATORS- Directioners HATE them! But Directionators don't like all of them, they call themselves directioners but they really arent. But just don't get me started on Directionators

Where do Australian directioners live?


Did beliebers turn into directioners?


What are the names of one direction family?


What does the directioners called Harry Styles?


Why do some directioners hates Eleanor and Danielle?

Directioners hate Danielle and Eleanor because ther jealous of them for being with the guy that they like, cause they want them to themselves.

What does lln mean for directioners?

LLN means for "Directioners" like me, it means Laugh Like Niall. after Niall Horan in One Direction. The only Irish one.