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They seem pretty tight still according to her twitter page.

So don't think they have.

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Q: Is it true that Alexi Laiho broke up with Kristin Mulderig in February and if that rumor is true does anyone have proof?
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Have Alexi Laiho and Kristen Mulderig broke up?

Alexi and Kristen have split. He is with Australian Publicist Kelli Wright.

Does kimberly goss have a boyfriend besides alexi laiho?

Alexi and Kimberly split up years ago.Kimberly has since then had children:)Alexi is together with Kristen Mulderig.

Is Alexi Laiho dating Slayers manager Kristen Mulderig?

Yes.And Janne is married to Tiia Mononen :)

Does alexi laiho have a girlfriend and if he does who is she and how long have they been dating?

Alexi is dating Kelli Wright, Australian Publicist for Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse and Abbey Road Australia. He is not with Kristen Mulderig anymore. Alexi and Kelli have been together for one year.

Does alexi laiho have a girlfriend and if so how long have they been dating?

He was married to Kimberly Goss, but they broke up. He was dating Kristen Mulderig (Slayer's manager) but broke up in February 2010. His current girlfriend is unknown.

Does alexi laiho live by himself?

He has said before that he lives an apartment in Helsinki alone.However, he often travels to LA to be with his girlfriend Kristen Mulderig.

Is alexi laiho and kimberly goss still married?

They were married for legal reasons, but they are not together.Alexi is together with Kristen Mulderig, Slayer's manager. They've been together for years.Kimberly has become a mother and lives in Sweden with her boyfriend.

When was Alexi Smirnoff born?

Alexi Smirnoff was born on February 9, 1947, in St. Lin, Qubec, Canada.

When was Alexi Wasser born?

Alexi Wasser was born on February 11, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What area of LA does Kristen Mulderig and Alexi Laiho live?

I was told that they are currently residing near W Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Somewhere arround the Arc Light theater. The one with the bubble shaped white roof.

I heard this rumor that alexi laiho has a girlfriend back in Finland but cheats on her all the with groupies is that true and if it is who is his girlfriend?

Alexi is dating Kristen Mulderig. She's not from Finland, she's American.They have been together for a while (some years?)Don't know if he's cheated on her, but he's often around groupies, so who knows.Janne is married to Tiia Mononen.

Is alexi laiho dating anyone?

He is dating an unknown American from Seattle, Washington.