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Alexi and Kristen have split. He is with Australian Publicist Kelli Wright.

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Q: Have Alexi Laiho and Kristen Mulderig broke up?
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Does alexi laiho have a girlfriend and if so how long have they been dating?

He was married to Kimberly Goss, but they broke up. He was dating Kristen Mulderig (Slayer's manager) but broke up in February 2010. His current girlfriend is unknown.

Is it true that Alexi Laiho broke up with Kristin Mulderig in February and if that rumor is true does anyone have proof?

They seem pretty tight still according to her twitter page. So don't think they have.

Kristen broke up with her boyfriend?

Yes, Kristen Stewart broke up with her boyfriend. She is now dating co star Robert Pattinson. Micahel asked Kristen if she would be his bride. She said no and that they should see other people.

Does Robert date Kristen?

Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart aren't dating. However rumour has it that they tried to go out but i dunno if it worked or not. Kristen has a boyfriend i fink Kristen and her bf broke up ages ago rob and Kristen are officialy going on now

What is the name of Roberts girlfriend?

Robert girlfriend was Kristen Stewert but they broke up when Robert was filming a new movie! Kristen is very jelouse!

With all these rumors of Robert patttinson and Kristen Stewart dating where's Kristen boyfriend?

She broke up with her old boyfriend so she could be with Rob

When did Kristen Stewart break up with her boyfriend?

Kristen Stewart just broke up a couple of weeks ago. Because she likes rob more!!!

Did Rob and Kristen Marry in Italy in May 2009?

According to OK!, Kristen broke it off because she was overwhelmed by Robert. It seems that Robert wanted to marry Kristen! but they didn't at least not yet soon they will

IS Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend still together?

her and Michael broke up. says a source.

Did Kristen Stewart break up with boyfriend?

Maybe. Sources say that Kristen just broke up with her boyfriend just weeks ago. But it's not for sure. Yet.

Who is RPatz dating?

right now maybe no one because he broke up with Kristen Stewart!

Are kristen stewart and robert pattinson still dating?

They were dating before, but now they broke up.