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He was married to Kimberly Goss, but they broke up.

He was dating Kristen Mulderig (Slayer's manager) but broke up in February 2010.

His current girlfriend is unknown.

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Q: Does alexi laiho have a girlfriend and if so how long have they been dating?
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Does alexi laiho have a girlfriend and if he does who is she and how long have they been dating?

Alexi is dating Kelli Wright, Australian Publicist for Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse and Abbey Road Australia. He is not with Kristen Mulderig anymore. Alexi and Kelli have been together for one year.

I heard this rumor that alexi laiho has a girlfriend back in Finland but cheats on her all the with groupies is that true and if it is who is his girlfriend?

Alexi is dating Kristen Mulderig. She's not from Finland, she's American.They have been together for a while (some years?)Don't know if he's cheated on her, but he's often around groupies, so who knows.Janne is married to Tiia Mononen.

What bands has Alexi Laiho been a member of?

Alexi Laiho was a member of Kylahullut, which was founded in 2004 and also included Tonmi Lillman and Vesa Jokinen. He has also been a member of the bands Children of Bodom, Sinergy, Impaled Nazarene, and Thy Serpent.

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Is Alexi laiho and Kimberly goss still together i know they are still married for legal reasons but do they still consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife?

No. They are not together, they just stayed married legally so Kimberly wouldn't get kicked out of Finland.Alexi has a new girlfriend called Kristen Mulderig (she works for Slayer). They have been together for years.Kimberly is in another relationship and has got children:)

Why in some recent interviews when talking about kimberly goss alexi laiho has referred to her as his girlfriend?

Well they've been broken up for a long time, so recent interviews are false. He was probably drunk or either ended things with that girl in Califronia. And if he is back with Kim then sins of the past (future sinergy album) will come out.

Is alexi laiho and kimberly goss still married?

They were married for legal reasons, but they are not together.Alexi is together with Kristen Mulderig, Slayer's manager. They've been together for years.Kimberly has become a mother and lives in Sweden with her boyfriend.

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