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They were married for legal reasons, but they are not together.

Alexi is together with Kristen Mulderig, Slayer's manager. They've been together for years.

Kimberly has become a mother and lives in Sweden with her boyfriend.

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Q: Is alexi laiho and kimberly goss still married?
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Is Alexi laiho and Kimberly goss still together i know they are still married for legal reasons but do they still consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife?

No. They are not together, they just stayed married legally so Kimberly wouldn't get kicked out of Finland.Alexi has a new girlfriend called Kristen Mulderig (she works for Slayer). They have been together for years.Kimberly is in another relationship and has got children:)

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They seem pretty tight still according to her twitter page. So don't think they have.

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He has an apartment in Helsinki, Finland, but he often lives in LA with his girlfriend Kristen Mulderig.Alexi, Janne and Tiia Mononen (Janne's wife) were thinking about moving to LA, but they didn't because the band would be too split up.

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