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It's Ed Sheeran, Hope this helped.

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Q: Is it Ed Sheran or Ed Sheeren?
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What is the sentence of gorgeous?

Ed sheran

Is ed sheeren gay?

No he is not

What is ed sherans brother called?

kane sheran

How olds ed sheeren?

21 years (February 17, 1991)

how long has ed sheeren been singing for since what year?

Ed Sheeran started his singing career in 2004.

What is a food that ends in ed?

A sunflower seED

Is Rupert grint and ed sheeren the same person?

No, but Ed Sheeran is a huge Harry Potter fan and Rupert Grint starred in Ed's music video for Lego House.

Who wrote the bonus track 'Moments' for One Direction?

The boys themselves co-wrote it with Ed-Sheran

What day was ed sheran born?

Fifth of November 1999. He just looks older because he is ginger and has a beard.

What is the name of the song that goes like this stuck in her day dream been this way since eighteen?

i think it is the a team by ed sheeren

Who sings song lyrics it's too cold outside for angels to fly?

thats ed sheeren in his hit single, the a-team ;) hope this helps!!<3

When was Kathleen Sheran born?

Kathleen Sheran was born on 1947-05-18.