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The Ed of Con Ed is Edison.

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Q: Who is the Ed of Con Ed?
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What does the Ed in Con Ed stand for?

It stands for Edison, as in Thomas Edison. Con Ed is the electric company in the northeast USA.

What does a con ed meter reader do?

Reads meters for Con Edison

Who is New York city's electric company?

Con Ed

How many syllables are in contented?

3 Con-tent-ed

29 wors can be made with form if you use con ing re de s ed at att and ion?

Yes, 29 words CAN be made if you use con ing re s de ed at att and ion

What services does Con-Ed offer?

Con-Ed is an energy service corporation that can provide electrical or natural gas energy to your home or business. If you live in the greater New York or New Jersey area, they can likely provide you with new energy resources.

How do you break concentrated into syllables?

There are four syllables divided like so: con-sen-trat-ed.

Is anything named after thomas Edison yes or no?

Yes. Con-Ed, Connecticut Edison power company.

What is the ticker symbol for Con Ed of New York?

Consolidated Edison of New York is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. The ticker symbol of Consolidated Edison, Inc. is ED.

What did the sewing machine lead to?

The garment industry pre- and post Con Ed ( electric power introduced early on)- and by inference- Sweatshops!

What are the blue dots that appear in New York City streets that look like blue poker chips?

They are used by utility companies that are responsible for repaving the city streets when underground utility work requires those sections of street to be torn up. Example, Con Ed will place blue or yellow poker chips with a year (E7 for Con Ed 2007).

Is con con con con?

Nothing really anything

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