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Q: What is the sss employer id number of asiapro medina?
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What are the eligibility requirements for claiming sss pension when you reach 60 years old?

He was Under the street 

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no shadow does not play an instrument only in sonic underground is when sonic Sonia and manic play music only sonic, Sonia, and manic knows how to play an instrument sonic plays the guitar, Sonia plays the piano and manic plays the drums but you can always make a fan fiction that shadow knows how to play and is in like a band only in sprite videos show that shadow plays a guitar other than that he does not play a instrument if you want to see him play you should look at SSS show in the trip to Canada does shadow , sonic, and silver play an instrument they make up a band that is also named sonic underground {cause in that sprite video the original sonic underground did not exist}

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The cast of Gam gai 2 - 2003 includes: Bing as Granny B in the queue Erica Chan as Mahjong Player D Ronald Cheng Sabrina Cheung as Northern hooker B Jacky Cheung as Quincy Dicky Cheung as Water Man Kenny Chin as Customer in appliance store Wai Ching Leung as Woman C in the queue Ling Chui Ling as Friend C at temple Alva Chun as Northern hooker A Wancy Dai as 7-11 Shopkeeper Hin Fung Chui as CCB Investigator B Yo Ha Lau as Woman in house Yu Hai Lau as Granny A in the queue Kit Hing Tsang as Happy Corner cleaning maid Nichole Hor as Mahjong Player B Tau Hua as Teddy boy B Kin Hung Cheung as CCB Investigator A Kwun Hung Lau as Temple worker B Lap Hung Tsang as Happy Corner Worker D Chun Ka Lum as Massage Parlour manager She Kin Sin as 7-11 Customer B Carlos Koo as Male jogger Ka Kou Ho as Nightclub Guest A Lai Kuen Lam as 7-11 Customer D Tsz Kwan Wong as Fishball Girl B Silver Kwok as Mahjong Player C Ho Kwong Lui as Noodle Stall worker B Leon Lai as Doctor Chow Man Kwong Ka Lam Yau as Little girl Mun Lam Yuen as 7-11 Customer C Andy Lau as himself Kuen Lau as Mainland Businessman B Angelica Lee Wai Leung Sum as Mainland China Police B Li Li Lai as Female jogger Michelle Lo as Mahjong Player A Fiona Lui as Frightened Female Customer Cheung Man Yu as Mainland China Police A Dong Mei Law as Woman A in the queue Ng Ming as Dog Owner Ho Ming Leung as Pervert at temple Vincent Ng as Noodle Stall worker A Sandra Ng Kwan Yue as Kam Ivy Pang as Friend A at temple Yak Ping Wu as 7-11 Customer A Samdasani Rajesh as Indian Client Yau Sen Leung as Old Man in the queue Nicky Shih as Happy Corner Worker B Chi Shuen Chan as Teddy boy A Yuen Si Tam as Woman B in the queue Ka Sin Lee as Nightclub Hostess A Tat Sing Yai as Little boy Hung Siu as Temple worker A Hon Tai Tang as Future Cop A Lawrence Tan Pat Tang as Woman E in the queue Kristal Tin Man Ting Lau as Woman D in the queue Chapman To as Club Owner Yat Wa Ho as Future Cop B Chiu Wa Wong as Frightened Male Customer Tat Wah Choi as Happy Corner Worker C King Wah Mok as Nightclub Guest B Ying Wai Yip as Marriage Registrar Man Wet Cha as Mainland Businessman A Si Wing Lam as Registrar Assistant Ka Wing Lee as Happy Corner Worker A Felix Wong Ming Yam Chan as Building Watchman Wai Yan Leung as Fishball Girl C Devily Yeung as Fishball girl A Amy Yeung as Northern hooker C Ka Ying Fung as Nightclub Hostess B

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The cast of My Parents Are Aliens - 1999 includes: Suzy Aitchison as Mrs Johnson Mykola Allen as Stewie Isabelle Amyes as Mrs. Hogarth Paris Ashworth as Sophie Boy Stephanie Bagshaw as Lisa Jasmyn Banks as Sarah 1 Jessica Barden as Girl in school Drew Cain as Guido Mark Chatterton as Mr. Rockwell Leah Chillery as Miss Heather Don Crann as Old Man Roger Davenport as Nigel Gabriella Dixon as Blaise Emma Dubery as Alison Pete Dunwell as Mr lugg Barbara Durkin as Human Sophie Barbara Durkin as Sophie Johnson Kirsty Elkin as Miss Parker Casey Ellis as Jonno Stephanie Fearon as Harry Daniel Feltham as Dan Bennet Emily Fleeshman as Tania Thomas Gregory Foreman as Luke Tony Gardner as Brian Johnson Zoe Gouldsborough as Sarah 2 Sam Gregson as Darren Scott Haining as Bernard Richard Heap as Police Officer Dominique Jackson as Selena Melanie Jessop as Nurse Robert Keefe as Lad Placing Bet Beatrice Kelley as Alison Hardman Beatrice Kelley as Alison Hardman (1999-2005) Beatrice Kelley as Mrs. Hardman Omar Kent as Dinesh Alex Kew as Josh Barker James Macmillan as Damien Jordan Maxwell as Frankie Perkins Jordan Maxwell as Frankie Perkins (1999-2005) Lynsey McCaffrey as Mrs. Monkfish Danielle McCormack as Mel Barker Danielle McCormack as Melanie Barker Tim Meats as Dentist Isabella Melling as Wendy Richardson Jordan Metcalfe as Chip Patrick Niknejad as Pete Walker Olisa Odele as C.J. Olisa Odele as CJ Sarah Parks as Woman on Radio Katie Pearson as Becky Bennet Kay Purcell as Mrs. Brookman Charlotte Redpath as School Girl Bindya Solanki as Teacher Kirsha Southward as Poppy Kirsha Southward as Poppy Manning Neve Taylor as Mrs. Reece Hollie Taylor as Sono Sasha Tilley as Tania Thomas Joanna Tissington as Stella James Varley as Kyle John Voce as Mr Johnson Adam Warren as Fizzy Drinks Man Ben Watton as Fernando Rosie Wiggins as Denise Moran Marco Williamson as Scott Jessica Woods as Jaqueline Bennet Jake Young as Eddie Bennet

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Francisco Barba has: Played Punkito in "Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana" in 1981. Performed in "El comisario" in 1999. Played Marco in "Javier ya no vive solo" in 2002. Performed in "Javier ya no vive solo" in 2002. Played Isma in "La sopa boba" in 2004.