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there is only one way to find out if something is real or not. when you test it to find out if its fake or not, put it in direct sunlight and leave it there for a little while.

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Q: Term for when something looks real but it is fake?
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Is wrestling fake or real because some times it looks real and other times it looks fake?

fake... but they do it pretty well... just imagine it as a live movie... or a theatre or something like that...

What is fake content?

Fake is a term used to describe or imply that something is not real or that it is false. SO fake content means something which contains anything false related to anything.

Is Ashley Greene's tan real or fake?

it looks fake

What is the meaning of fake?

In simple terms it is an imitation. Something that looks like but is not the same as the real thing. An engagement ring with a glass stone in it is a fake if it is supposed to be a diamond.

Are fake trees better then real trees?

Real trees are better. But if you have a fake tree and you make it look real and decorate it very nice then they would be equal. If your fake tree looks fake then real ones are better.

How do you get payback from your two little brothers?

You can put worms in their sandwich , or you can put something fake in their room that looks like it is real and let it move like it is real to scare them.

What does fake snow look like?

Fake snow looks just like real snow.

Is online gift rewards real or fake?

If you get the mail then it is Fake but if you purchase something online and then you get. It will be real.

Is futanariacom real or fake?

i think it's fake.but it's looks like real.

What does being fake mean?

Something that is fake is not real or original.

Does Justin Bieber have real hair?

his hair is real but it looks fake because of lighting when hes on t.v

Does Riku-Ansem look exactly like the real Ansem or the fake Ansem?

Riku-Ansem looks like the fake Ansem.