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fake its a scam

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Q: Is real or fake
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Is a real or fake bank?


Mermaid real or fake?

Fake, not real.

Is bacteria real or fake?


Is amerie real or fake?

no she"s real not fake she is a singer

Are guns real or fake?

There are both real and fake guns.

Are don't read this posts real?

if you think it is real, then it is real if you think it is fake, then it is fake

Is movie blood real or fake?

It Fake hahahhahahaha people who think it real it's not the truth is fake

Can characters be real or fake in science fiction writing?

Characters can be real or fake. There can be scientists in the story or fake people

How can you tell a fake card from a real card?

you have to have the real one and see if its fake or not

Are the Mr. Nightmare stories real or fake?

Some are real, some are fake.

Are rats real or fake in London dungeon?

Some are real some are fake

Are fake trees better then real trees?

Real trees are better. But if you have a fake tree and you make it look real and decorate it very nice then they would be equal. If your fake tree looks fake then real ones are better.