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Any time you translate a book into a movie, changes have to be made to make the story fit into a time allowed for a movie (if they tried to film the whole book, page by page, it would take almost ten hours, just by page count), and sometimes to make it "work" in a visual sense, rather than a verbal sense.

This always involves cutting some details out, or showing them rather than telling about them, and often involves rearranging things to make the visual story flow coherently.

Other than that, Edward doesn't "tell" Bella he's a vampire in either story, he makes her guess, then confirms it.

In the movie, they save time by combining this initial conversation and the famous forest scene into one scene, probably because both scenes deal with Edward revealing more about his nature.

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Q: In Twilight why is it in the book that Edward tells Bella he is a vampire in his car but in the movie the forest?
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What was Bella's nightmare in twilight?

It was About Edward being A Vampire

What if Bella was a vampire before Twilight?

Then there would be no twilight ,the whole story of twilight is Bella wants to be a vampire so bad. Also the book's and film's are mainly about Bella meeting Edward then finding out he is a vampire, then she is wanting to be a vampire . Also the whole Jacob Edward love triangle.

The structure of the book twilight?

Bella falls in love with Edward. She learns he is a vampire but she doesn't care. Another vampire tries to eat Bella but Edward and his vampire family save her and kill the vampire.

Does Bella die in the fourth book of Twilight?

Edward turns her into a vampire.

What is the Risingaction of twilight?

the rising action in twilight is when Bella Swan finds out that Edward Cullen is a vampire.

Who is the father of Bella's baby?

The father of Bella's baby in the Twilight series is Edward Cullen, a vampire.

Does belle from twilight come a vampire?

Yes, in the Twilight series, Bella Swan eventually becomes a vampire in the book Breaking Dawn. She is turned into a vampire by her husband, Edward Cullen, after giving birth to their daughter, Renesmee, to save her life.

What do Bella and Edward call their dissagreement at the end of 'Twilight'?

Well there argument is about Edward turning Bella into a vampire. Simply Edward does not want to turn Bella into a vampire as he loved her and he didn't want her life thrown away.

Will Bella in twilight become a vampire?

yes in breaking dawn! Yes Bella Swan Becomes a vampire in the last twilight saga book breaking dawn. edward bites her.

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Because she had unprotected sex with her husband, a vampire, Edward.

What did edward want in twilight eclipse?

for Bella to marry him before turning her into a vampire

What is the solution in the twilight movie problem?

Edward saves Bella from turning into a vampire