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I am still reading Breaking Dawn, but all my friends told me what happens. If you like surprises, don't read the rest of this article.

Edward and Bella. Bella has a baby vampire girl named Renesme. Bella dies for about two minutes but comes back as a vampire.

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At the end of the first twilight, Bella goes to prom with Edward. Bella goes to prom with a cast on her leg. And Jacob warns Bella about Edward.

-Hope that helps!

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Q: What happens at the end of the first twilight?
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What happens at the end of twilight eclipse book?

In the end of Twilight Eclipse, Bella and Edward decide to inform Bella's father, Charlie about their engagement which happened before the attack of the newborns.

What is the difference between twilight first edition and special edition?

The special edition of twilight has the first chapter of Midnight Sun at the end

What happens in the fifth book of twilight series?

there is no "fifth book", well there is, but its the first book "twilight" in Edwards point of view, so nothing new really happens

What does twilight have to do with anything in the story?

Twilight has to do with the book because in Breaking Dawn, they are married at twilight. Also, I forgot when, but something special happens at twilight in the book twilight. Search for good answer. edward was always saying that twilight had come and it represented the end of a day. but days never seemed to end for himm since he couldn't sleep. he was kind of saying there is really no twilight to his life anymore and he didnt want to take that from Bella.

Where does corin volturi first appear in The Twilight Saga?

In new moon, at the end.

What happens at the end of twilight?

if you are talking about the movie what happens is they are at prom and Bella wants edward to turn her into a vampire but edward says she should stay human for now

What is the first Twilight book called?

The first book is just Twilight."Twilight" is the first book in the Twilight series.

In twilight what happens in the first 100 pages?

What happens is Isabella swan moves to forks Washington and meets Edward Cullen. she kinda likes him.

What happens at the end of book 4 in the twilight series?

they win the little battle thingy against the volturi and live happily ever after

In Kingdom Hearts 358 2 days what happens at the end?

Riku and DiZ captures Roxas and puts him in the virtual Twilight Town.

What happens in the last part of the first twilight book?

Bella is in the hospital and Edward is there. This is after Bella got attacked by James.

When did Twilight Guardians end?

Twilight Guardians ended in 2008.