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16 years old

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2012-02-16 18:51:37
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Q: How old is sakura when she become pregnant with sasuke child?
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What will happened with Sasuke and Sakura?

have a child... hahaha

Will Sakura marry Sasuke or Naruto?

Neither. Sakura doesn't marry Sasuke or Naruto.

Dose Ino End Up With Sasuke?

no he probably ends up with hinata or sakura

Who does Sakura marry from Naruto?

She doesn't marry anyone.

Is Sakura's and Sasuke's baby a girl?

They don't have any child's, they are not even in a relationship.

Will sasusaku be cannon?

Mostly not. Not only does Sasuke openly dislike Sakura but also: how common is it that the villain ends up with the heroine(Not that I am saying I ship anruSaku, because I ship SaiSAku)? It is so rare and improbable.----------------------------------There's a chance,At least, when they're child Sasuke do care to Sakura and sakura's obviously love Sasuke so much. But, there's a big chance that Sasuke will die at the end of the story so, there's no guarantee. But, if Sasuke don't die and got a girl, the most likely to be his girl is Sakura. About doesn't effect the chance, but hero with heroin is much more common and more boring -_-

Who are daisuke and shina Uchiha?

Daisuke and Shina are both children of Sasuke And Sakura. They are also known as "The New Naruto Generation" Many doujinshi's that has to do with Sasuke and Sakura's kids has the names of Daisuke and Shina as there children. It is known that there is one more child, which is the youngest in the family. It is a boy but the name hasn't been revealed yet.

Can a girl child become pregnant?

Any female child can become pregnant if she has started her periods. There have been cases where females have become pregnant prior to their first menstruation, but this is rare and the child would have to be engaged in sexual activities regularly.

How many children does Eros have?

I think he only has one child (Which was called bird) I also think that the mother of the child was Psyche...And of course the father of the child was Eros. I suppose Eros should be an anime person which could be Sasuke Uchiha because Sasuke wants to love sombody. Sakura could be Psyche and bird is Daisuke!

Does Sakura have an older sister?

No, Sakura is a lone child.

In the state Alabama does child support stop if they become pregnant?

In the state of Alabama , a child can loose her child support if she gets pregnant.

Does Sakura from Naruto have a child?

No she does not

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