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what question is that first of all sasuke and sakura are 15 and 16 and your asking if they'll have a baby? no they don't the series haven't ended yet

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nobody knows they never tell you

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Q: Does Naruto have a child with Sakura?
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Does Sakura from Naruto have a child?

No she does not

Do Naruto and Sakura have a child?

As of May 2009, naruto and sakura are not having a child, nor are they suggesting to. Nor are they in love.

Will Sakura marry Sasuke or Naruto?

Neither. Sakura doesn't marry Sasuke or Naruto.

Does naruto and sakura have a child?

No, they're not even married

Who is the sister of sakura?

Sakura is an only child and it is stated in one of the earlier episodes of Naruto. But I heard that Sakura and Tenten are cousins.

Will naruto and sakura have a child?

Wait and see. They are not eve in a relationship.

Is Naruto sleeping with Sakura?

No, Naruto is not sleeping with Sakura.

Does Sakura lay on Naruto?

No, Sakura does not lay on Naruto.

Will Naruto and Sakura get married?

I know that Naruto loves Sakura and Hinata does NOT deserving to be his wife! i vote sakura and naruto

Does naurto love sakura?

Yes, naruto has had a crush on sakura since the beggining. No offense Naruto and Sakura fans but I think Naruto should be with Hinata and Sakura with Sasuke.

Do Naruto and sakura marry?

posibbly sakura is starting to have feelings for naruto

Do Naruto and Sakura date?

No, but Sakura recently found out that Naruto loves her.