Does Sakura burp in Naruto

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does Sakura burp in Naruto
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Is Naruto sleeping with Sakura?

No, Naruto is not sleeping with Sakura.

Does Sakura lay on Naruto?

No, Sakura does not lay on Naruto.

Will Naruto and Sakura get married?

I know that Naruto loves Sakura and Hinata does NOT deserving to be his wife! i vote sakura and naruto

Do Naruto and sakura marry?

posibbly sakura is starting to have feelings for naruto

Do Naruto and Sakura date?

No, but Sakura recently found out that Naruto loves her.

Who is sakura's boyfriend?

As of yet, Sakura Haruno, from Naruto, does not have a boyfriend.

Does naurto love sakura?

Yes, naruto has had a crush on sakura since the beggining. No offense Naruto and Sakura fans but I think Naruto should be with Hinata and Sakura with Sasuke.

Who is Naruto's girl?

Sakura likes Sasuke Naruto likes Sakura Hinata likes Naruto

Who does really sakura love?

Sakura and Naruto are the best couple in Naruto's story.Even Sakura accepts it.

Does sakura leave the village?

Who told you she is his girlfriend she don't have any love feelings about him and he don't have love feelings about Hinata and Sakura loves Sasuke and Naruto loves Sakura and Hinata loves Naruto.

Is Sakura going to like Naruto more than Sasuke?

yes...because sasuke almost kill her and naruto. sakura already have realize naruto, and obviously sakura loves naruto too....and i have a proof: 1st sakura get angry when fuka kiss naruto 2nd sakura get angry when naruto ask hinata to come with him but just to fix something (no meaning). 3rd sai and yamato know that naruto and sakura have feeling for each other. there is an episode yamato said to sakura that sakura was showing her love to naruto by her strenght like healing him and when naruto is hurt sakura get hurt too..

In the Naruto Series Who falls in love?

Naruto >> Sakura Hinate >> Naruto Sakura >> Sasuke That's basically it...