When did Gustav Sobottka die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gustav Sobottka died on 1953-03-06.

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Q: When did Gustav Sobottka die?
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When was Gustav Sobottka born?

Gustav Sobottka was born on 1886-07-12.

What nicknames does Andre Sobottka go by?

Andre Sobottka goes by Body, and The Body.

When did Gustav Jaenecke die?

Gustav Jaenecke died in 1985.

When did Gustav Helsted die?

Gustav Helsted died in 1924.

When did Gustav Kadelburg die?

Gustav Kadelburg died in 1925.

When did Gustav Schuft die?

Gustav Schuft died in 1948.

When did Gustav Schwab die?

Gustav Schwab died in 1850.

When did Gustav Hertzberg die?

Gustav Hertzberg died in 1907.

When did Gustav Körte die?

Gustav Körte died in 1917.

When did Gustav Reichardt die?

Gustav Reichardt died in 1884.

When did Gustav Steinbrecht die?

Gustav Steinbrecht died in 1885.

When did Gustav Hartlaub die?

Gustav Hartlaub died in 1900.