How many fans do AC DC have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a lot

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Q: How many fans do AC DC have?
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Is fan operating in ac voltage?

A fans blades are driven by motors. Since there are both AC and DC motors, fans can be AC or DC. The fans in your computer are DC fans. Your ceiling fans are AC fans. (Thanks for fixing my answer)

Why should you not use dc motor in fans?

yes. we can use...but normally generated power is Ac. so availability of dc is require a converter..

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How many things can a multi meter measure?

Resistance Voltage (both AC and DC) Current (both AC and DC)

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formula for ac to dc

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Is there any possibilty of ac and DC flows in conductor at a time and get DC and AC with two reference AC and DC?

A typical AC waveform is symmetrical about a zero crossing point. You can bias the AC with DC such that the AC waveform is symmetrical about the DC voltage.