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you can transform by pushing left on the analog and push x

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Q: How do you transform in raging blast?
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Can you transform into a monkey in raging blast 2?


How do you transform in raging blast 2 for PS3?

add me in psn Laly23

In dragonballz raging blast can brolly transform to ssj3?

Yes he can you unlock in the What IF Saga

Can you turn off transformations in db raging blast?

no but if you dont want to transform dont

How do you transform super saiyan on dragonballz raging blast 2 on ps3?

press r2 or r1

What is the better dbz raging blast or dbz raging blast 2?

raging blast 2

How do you turn super saiyan in raging blast?

for ps3 you have to hold r2 the direction pad (direction of transformation) and square to transform.

What is better Tenkaichi 3 or Raging Blast 2?

Raging Blast 2.

Are you sure dragon ball raging blast 3 is coming out on August?

raging blast three has not been made yet so no. raging blast 2 is out

How do you unlock ssj4 in raging blast?

there is not GT Saga in raging blast maybe it will come in rb3

Why did the soundtrack for Dragonball Raging Blast 2 change?

because dbz raging blast is japinesse

How can you a saiyan transform slowly on dragon ball z raging blast 2?

if you just used a prievios form, it will be outlined red and can quickly transform, if it doesn't it will go regular speed there is no slow way