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there is not GT Saga in raging blast maybe it will come in rb3

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Q: How do you unlock ssj4 in raging blast?
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In dbz raging blast can you get ssj4?


Is there an ssj4 in dbz raging blast?


How do you unlock ssj4 goku in dbz raging blast for xbox 360?

you only go super saiyan 3

How do you unlock ss4 goku and vegeta in dragonball raging blast?

you can unlock goku and vegeta as ssj3's but dbrb and drbr2 don't have ssj4

Why was there no ssj4 in raging blast 2?

because they didnt put the gt series in raging blast 2 and goku and vegeta only transformed into ssj4 in the gt series

How do you unlock super saiyan 4 in dragon ball z raging blast?

You can NOT get SSJ4 because in raging blast it only goes up to Majin Buu Saga. So it only goes up to SSJ3.

Can you unlock goku jr in Dragon Ball Z raging blast?

No, it's only DBZ characters, which also means no SSJ4 Goku or Vegeta.

Is super gogeta in dragon ball z raging blast 2?

super gogeta is in raging blast 2 but ssj4 gogeta isn't

Is ssj4 goku in raging blast 2?

No, it only goes up to SS3.

Why cant you be ssj4 goku or vegeta in dbz raging blast?

its a dragon ball z game its not until GT they go ssj4

HOW do you go ss4 in raging blast 2?

since Raging Blast 2 is based solely on Dragonball Z, the highest is ssj3. ssj4 was introduced in GT, which unfortunately is not in the game.

Can you unlock ozaru in raging blast?

There is no ozaru.