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use the booster health up s and health up m that gets you 3 health bars

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Q: In raging blast how do you get more health bars?
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How Do I Get More Life In Dragonball Raging Blast?

buy a certain booster

How do you get more life in dragon ball raging blast?

You first customize someone, then go to one of the items that says under it something about health gauge 1 bar! you'll find it if your patient

Will there be more Dragon Ball Z?

They are still making new games, have you tried Raging Blast yet?

What characters are in dragonball raging blast 2?

All the same characters from the first, plus 20 more

Is it going to be another dragon ball game after raging blast 2?

Yeah there is going to be another dbz raging blast game maybe a new title 3d grahpics more moves maybe 100x better than raging blast 2 man every Christmas a new naruto or dbz game comes out maybe the title will be dbz zenkai 1 that's my guess hopes this helps[=

How do you get more health bars in assassins creed brotherhood?

when you do missons/ quests there are full sync bars bet them you gain one or two health bars :)

Which wastes more electricity the heating in full blast for 15 minutes or it on 2 and a half bars all day?

the heating on 2 and a half bars all day wastes more electricity then the heating on full blast for 15 minutes a day.

What is better budokai 3 or raging blast?

Raging blast by a longshot True, raging blast is more graphic and gives a better selection of moves, but Budakai 3 gives the intensity of Massive powers to control, Coolers first appearance in the game (Plus a few other characters I don't care for). The power to destroy plant, fake your opponent and pull off unlimited combos. Although I must admit, Super Saiyan3 Vegeta and Broly makes Budakai 3 seem in superior. Budakai 3=9-10 Raging blast=10-10 Commented by the DBZ Fame and Claim

What happens in dragon ball raging blast 2 if you run out of galaxies and how do you get more dragonballs after that?

Youshould run out of Galaxies about the time when you run out of wishes from Shenron.

Is there going to be a new DBZ game?

Yes, It is going to be DragonBall Raging Blast coming out on November 10, 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox360 What is after that... and Further more what is after DBZ Kai?

What is the Health cheat for assassins creed?

There is no health cheat, just keep completing assassinations and you'll gain more health bars

How do you get more health bars on dead rising 2?

you eat zombie poo