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Don't take any choice kill the dragon

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Q: What are the choices the dragon gives you in dragon ball raging blast?
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Who wears the seal breaker in dragon ball raging blast?

its a booster that shenron gives you it just takes off characters scouters or hats nothing else

What accident saves Sigurd's life?

He burns his finger while cooking the dragon's heart, sticks his fingers in his mouth to cool them, and in so doing tastes the dragon's blood which gives him the power to understand birds. He then hears the birds discussing what Regin is plotting. (I know; how would the birds know?)

Why doesn't Zola's shadow Killer Bat talk in the anime Blue Dragon?

By not talking, killer bat forms a more serious as well as mysterious character and gives the viewers an interest in it.

Do the wands in Harry Potter have names?

There is a unique wand for every wizard in the Harry Potter series, by JK Rowling. In her books, each kind of wand consists of a four major components... 1.) Size- each wand has a different length and circumference. 2.) Wood- there are many different kinds. Some examples are birch and vine wood. (I believe there are many others too.) 3.) A core- gives a wand its magical properties. There are three kinds. Phoenix feather, unicorn hair, and dragon heartstring (whatever that is...) 4.) and finally, the wizard who wields it! After all, "the wand choices the wizard!"

What was the question asked to priyanka chopra in miss world?

"What would you say to those who condemn the contest as an affront to women?" and her answer was, "It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions and it makes us strong and independent that we are today"

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Who wears the seal breaker in dragon ball raging blast?

its a booster that shenron gives you it just takes off characters scouters or hats nothing else

When you get the 7 dragon ball z raging blast 2 what are the first choices?

If by first choices You mean most reccomended,I say any tiem that gives You a very good stat boost,it is very,very useful. I also recomend obtaining the future Gohan wish,it is a very,very good character,and is enjoyable,makes for some good battles. If You mean first time choices,its random.

What is better budokai 3 or raging blast?

Raging blast by a longshot True, raging blast is more graphic and gives a better selection of moves, but Budakai 3 gives the intensity of Massive powers to control, Coolers first appearance in the game (Plus a few other characters I don't care for). The power to destroy plant, fake your opponent and pull off unlimited combos. Although I must admit, Super Saiyan3 Vegeta and Broly makes Budakai 3 seem in superior. Budakai 3=9-10 Raging blast=10-10 Commented by the DBZ Fame and Claim

How do you do the team ultimate moves in Dragon Ball raging blast?

i only know how to gokus you do a team battle with goku and krillin and then you let goku get killed and it says r2 and square or something else and goku gives krillin the spirit bomb and throws but it is dogeable though.

What city in Pokemon FireRed can you have the skill fire blast?

After you beat Baline in cinabar island, he gives you TM fire blast

In Metal Gear Solid 4 can you get the jet pack of raging raven?

no. she gives you her grenade gun. that's about it... :(

How do you make alegendary dragon in Dragon City?

You have to breed soccer dragon and coolfire dragon which gives you legendary dragon or crystal dragon or mirror dragon or wind dragon.... With regards, sri krishnan ( lvl 39 dragon city)

What are some codefor wizard101?

frog- gives you 500 gold gamma- gives you necklace summer dragon- gives you summer dragon spell- gives you necklace or you can just go you-tube and type in: wizard101 cheat codes.

What TM does blaine give in firered?

He gives you TM38, (Fire Blast). Good Luck!

What does a dragon coin do on coindozer?

It gives you coin gifts

Where do you find the green dragon on tap zoo?

komoto dragon + sea turtle. green dragon gives 40,000 coins each day.

What do you get when you breed crystal dragon with legendary dragon in Dragon City?

Not sure... Bcoz i bred those 2 and it is taking 12 hours in incubation... but sum tyms it gives Pure dragon....