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First, get a sports vest and assure that it is coloured in a cerise colour, then, dye the shoulder part white and use Duct Tape to create the white trim at the bottom. Then, get some plain sports trousers and dye them cerise. You should have your duct tape in handy again for you need the tape to represent the white trims at the sides of each leg. (Make sure that you have already made the pink sleeveless zentai for any Amy Rose costume here) Get some shoe covers and use the same tape as before to represent the stripes (You should have a vertical stripe each at the front and back and two each on the left and right sides. Attach white cuffs to the top of the shoe covers. Get some white gloves and get a couple of sweatbands. Use coloured tape here to colour the top and bottom stripe red and the part in the middle yellow. Attach the garments to the wrists of the gloves and then get an Amy Rose wig (or character headpiece if you have one to complete the outfit.

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Q: How do you make the Amy rose costume from sonic riders?
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Amy Rose did when she sneaked up behind him pulled him back covored is eyes and said guess who

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How do you unlock metal Sonic in Sonic free riders?

Simply beat the final stage, mission 3. THe rival duel between Sonic and M.Sonic. In order to get the final stage you must clear the all team stories. (ROSE, DARK, BABYLON, and HEROES)

How do you unlock Amy Rose on Ultimate Flash Sonic?

To unlock her(Amy Rose on Ultimate Flash Sonic),You must finish Main game with all characters.

Does sonic loves Amy rose?

She loves sonic

When did Amy Rose debut?

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