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In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(she is very hard 2 unlock get all rank A's with sonic!)Sonic Adventure DX,Sonic Advance 1 2 and 3(in 1 of them you have 2 unlock her).Sonic Riders.

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Q: What sonic games is Amy rose playable?
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Does Amy rose get kidnapped?

In two games; Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure

Who are Team Rose?

Team rose is a playable team in the game sonic heroes.Team rose is made up of Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat.Team rose has the easiest story line to it.

Is Amy in Sonic colors?

Amy appears in Sonic Colors, but only in the DS version, and she isn't playable.

Do You Unlock Amy In Sonic Rush?

No. Sonic Rush is only playable with Sonic and Blaze.

Is Amy playable in Sonic Unleashed at day and night?


Does Amy rose go super Amy?

in some games like sonic anventure 2 ..p

When did Amy Rose debut?

The Sonic character Amy Rose debuted in 1993 from Sonic CD

Who Is Amy Rose In Love With?

She is in love with Sonic the hedgehog. You can easily tell in the games.

Who is Sonic the Hedgehog going out with?

No one in the games at SEGA has confirmed any couples. However, if it were up to Amy Rose, it would be Amy Rose.

Is Amy playable in Sonic Unleashed?

no,i don't know why but no soniexpert

Who loves Sonic?

Amy Rose loves Sonic, but nobody knows what Sonic thinks about Amy.

How do you unlock silver on sonic heroes?

Silver isn't playable in Sonic Heroes nor is he in the game at all. The playable characters are: Team Sonic: -Sonic -Tails -Knuckles Team Dark: -Shadow -Rouge -E-123 Omega Team Chaotix: -Vector -Charmy -Espio Team Rose: -Amy -Cream -Big