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Q: How do you get your songs from jamglue onto a CD?
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What is jamglue?

Jamglue was a site where you wereable to listen/mix/download songs/instrumentals.

How many songs can you burn onto a blank CD?

How many songs you can burn onto a blank CD depends on how much space is on the CD. On average you will be able to put around twenty songs on a blank CD.

What website has free songs that you can download songs onto a CD?


Can you put songs onto an ipod from a CD you have?

Hi there, The way i do it is like this: - insert the Cd to your computer and then rip the songs or the whole Cd on to itunes. From there you can download the songs from your computer onto your Ipod. Hope that helps Mo

How do you put my songs from my CD's onto my android?

You eat it.

How do you get the tunes on an Xbox onto a CD?

You will need to transfer them on a USB drive and put them on your computer. After that, you can burn the songs onto a CD.

I created an account for itunes at school how do you put songs from your computer at home onto your ipod with a different acoount at home?

You have to burn the songs onto a CD then upload the CD to iTunes.

Do songs disiper from a CD if imported onto itunes?

No, they get copied

How do you put songs onto a CD?

First off, you gotta check if you actually have a CD Rewriter.Second, you gotta check if the CD itself is rewritable.Third, get a CD Burn Software.Then put the songs on the rewritable CD.

How do you delete songs of a CD?

You can't. CD's are write-only. They are cheap, just copy all the songs you want onto a new one.

Can you download songs onto a CD from a website?

Yes, check out

CD with only one song and it tells be to insert a blank CD How do you put more songs on the same CD?

If the CD is a CD-R it is only "Writable," and cannot have songs added to it after its initial burn. If the CD is a CD-RW you should be able to "Rewrite" songs onto the CD and reburn them.

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