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soundtrack?? I'm not sure

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Q: What is the list of songs on the back of a CD called?
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How do you get the list of songs back on windows media player?

Eject your CD.

What songs are on the current in store CD at Old Navy?

i work at an old navy and we just get sent a CD each month with different songs and its hard to know a list of all the songs on the CD unless your standing in the back writing them all down as they play

Mtvs hip hop back in the day CD has how many songs?

MTV'S hip hop back in the day CD contains 13 songs on it and it is the greatest hip hop songs from back in the days

What are the songs on Christina Aguilera's Back To Basics CD?

You will find a list of all the songs on Christina Aguilera's, "Back To Basics" album on the website shown below:

What do you called song in movies that come in as a music CD?

It's called a soundtrack!! the songs from a movie on a CD are called the soundtrack.

What does the back of Miley Cyrus's CD say?

The back lists the names of the songs.

What do you call a song on a CD?

they are called songs or tracks

How do you copy your Windows Media Player playlist to a CD?

A playlist is only a text file with a list of songs. So if you only have the playlist on a CD then you will not be able to play any songs.

List of song of Jesse McCartney?

his first CD has 12 songs you can look them up

Can you get a CD by Miley Cyrus that has all of her songs on it?

Well sorta you can get all the songs of Miley from the movie the CD is called Miley Cirus Movie

What member of the rock band called The Who composed all the songs on the CD titled Who is Next?

Peter Townshend composed all the songs on the cd titled Who's Next.

Will the songs from the CD still be on the CD and on the computer?

You can copy songs from a CD to a computer. The CD is not changed in anyway.