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Kenny Baker is only 3 feet 8 inches (112 centimeters) tall, so he was able to fit into R2 like a natural

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Q: How did Kenny baker fit in r2d2?
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Who was the actor that portrayed R2D2?

Anthony Daniels played C3PO & Kenny Baker was R2D2. Daniels still plays C3PO but R2D2 is now either portrayed via animation or remote controlled.

Who plays R2D2 in Star Wars?

Kenny Baker. He is a midget and was actually in that little droid.

How many scenes was Kenny baker inside R2D2 for?

All of the scenes that R2D2 was in.

Is Kenny baker R2D2 still alive?

Yes Kenny Baker is still alive

Did an actor sit inside R2D2?

Yes, Kenny Baker [1934-2016] sat inside R2D2

Was there a human actor inside R2D2?

Yes, there was. The actor was Kenny Baker.

Who played R2D2 in the original Stars Wars movie?

Kenny Baker However, they did construct a droid for R2-D2 which is pretty cool.

Is there a man inside of r2-d2 in Star Wars 4?

Yes. An actor (Kenny Baker) was inside R2D2 for episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

What is R2D2's real name in star war?

If you mean the name of the little person who played R2-D2 alongside the robots Lucas's team made, the answer is Kenny Baker

What is Kenny Baker's birthday?

Kenny Baker was born on September 30, 1912.

When was Kenny Baker born?

Kenny Baker was born on September 30, 1912.

Is Kenny baker still alive?

Yes Kenny Baker is still alive