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When Peeta was swinging a knife around cutting down plants, he accidentally hit a force field that shocked him so bad that his heart stopped. Finnick performed CPR on Peeta which saved his life. He could have just left Peeta to die, but he didn't.

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Nope. She still has no conscience when it comes to murder.

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Q: Has katniss opinion of killing changed?
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What is katniss opinion of thresh?

thresh thinks katniss is a prostitute

Is Katniss prettier or is foxface?

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What is one of katniss internal conflicts?

That she was killing people.

Who was katniss first kill?

The boy who kills Rue, who I think is Marvel. He is the only person Katniss kills with her bow.

Was gale right that killing a person can't be too different than killing an animal in the hunger games book?

Yes and no. It depends on who you are. For Katniss, killing an animal has no affect, but killing a person had a lasting one.

What are the four reasons why Katniss should trust Peeta?

Katniss chooses Peeta instead of Gale, because Gale holds to much rage and Katniss has her own to deal with anyway. Peeta on the other hand does not hold rage at all. Plus they have been threw so much together, so why wouldn't she pick Peeta?

What will Katniss?

Please improve your questions phrasing and try asking again.

What should Peeta and Katniss's kids be named?

That is a matter of opinion. Here are some opinions from our contributors:The girl should be named Rue, after the girl who allied with Katniss during the 74th Hunger Games.The girl could be named Prim, after Katniss's sister.

How did the triangle fire influence public opinion?

by killing people

Why was katniss glad that effic had changed?

She bonded with Effie in the first book and they became closer together

Is it is important to protect forests and wildlife at any cost a fact or opinion?

Opinion. Any cost would include the mass killing of humans.

What is gale's specialty in hunting from the hunger games?

To calm Katniss down, he's trying to show that killing someone in the games is just like killing an animal for hunting.