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Thresh, the District 11 boy tribute. He saves Katniss because Katniss was helping Rue (his district partner who had died by then via Marvel from District 1), however, Thresh mistakenly thought it was Clove who killed Rue.

He, like Katniss did not like to owe someone anything, and liked to clear any debts away as soon as he could.

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She started to gobble gobble that d

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Q: What stop Clove from killing Katniss?
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Who saves katniss at the feast?


Why does clove hate Katniss so much in the hunger games?

Well it's a match to the death so you would try not like any one. Because you would have to kill them. And Clove had a good chance of winning so wen she sall that Katniss was good she did not like her. Also Clove is just a bitter person. That the only things I can think of.

Why did Thresh let Katniss go after she told him that she had?

At the Feast Clove attacks Katniss, but before killing her she makes a foment about Rue. Thresh hears her and grabs Clove. Enraged he hits her with a rock and she slowly dies. He doesn't kill Katniss though because she was Rue's ally and feels that he owes her. Being from the Seam Katniss understands perfectly. She feels the same debt to Peeta since he gave her the bread when they were little.

What is different about the feast in the Hunger Games movie and book?

Clove doesn't take her time on cutting Katniss and Thresh Slams Clove into a wall rather than killing her by banging a rock into the side of her skull.

Did the boy cato turn crazy from the hunger games?

Not necessarily. Both Cato and Clove became obsessed with killing Katniss, Clove, for getting a high training score, and Cato, for being a threat and for killing Marvel, Glimmer and mainly Clove. In the end of the book Katniss suggests that Cato has turned into a crazy killing machine. I, however don't think Cato turned crazy, I think he just wanted to get home. Really the answer to this question is one that only you can answer, as it was never mentioned it is up to you.

What are the last 6 tributes in the book the hunger games?

The final tributes are:KatnessPeetaTreshCatoClove" Foxface"

Who threw a knife at Katniss and hit Katniss backpack in the beginning of the Hunger Games?


What does Clove do in Chapter 21 of The Hunger Games?

Clove slams Katniss to the ground at the "feast". She plans on killing Katniss, but makes the mistake of mentioning that they killed Rue. Thresh hears this and throws Clove to the ground. He thinks that they tortured Rue like they were going to do Katniss. Thresh drives a rock into her skull, and she dies.

What can you compare The Hunger Games to?

Katniss : Peeta and Gale :: Cato : Glimmer and Clove District 12 : Coal :: District 7 : Lumber Katniss : Peeta :: Cato : Clove

Where was clove just starting to cut Katniss before she was interrupted?

Clove says "Where's your boyfriend, Lover Boy, District 12? Still hanging on? We'll just let nature take care of him." Then as Clove is about to kill Katniss, Thresh comes up and kills Clove with a rock.

Why did the person save katniss?

I am not sure which part you are talking about. There are 2 possible parts: the first part: You could be talking about the girl in the tree; Rue. She helped her because she realized that she was a good person. The second part: You could be talking about the guy; Thresh, that saved her when the girl; Clove, was trying to kill her with a knife. He saved her because she helped Rue (Rue was in the same district as him); and you could have 2 people win if they are from the same district.

What clove does in chapter 21in Hunger Games?

In chapter 21 of The Hunger Games, Clove is alive and partnered with Cato. When the remaining tributes go to the Cornucopia, she throws a knife at Katniss. Katniss dodges the knife and hits her in the arm with an arrow. When Katniss grabs her bag, she barely misses a second knife that results in a small cut on her forehead. Katniss fires another arrow, but misses, and Clove pins her down. Clove teases Katniss, asking her where her boyfriend Peeta is. Katniss bluffs and says that he is hunting Cato. Clove looks around for, but returns her focus to Katniss and knows that she is lying. She teases Katniss more and decides to slowly kill her. She chooses a small knife from her jacket and decides do cut her lips. Before she does, she makes a remark about how they will kill Katniss like they killed Rue, and Katniss spits in her face. Clove becomes angry at this, but before she can use the knife, Thresh lifts her up and throws her too the ground. He is enraged at her, thinking that she tortured Rue to death. Clove protests that it wasn't her, and screams for Cato. Before Cato can reach her, Thresh slams a rock onto her head. Clove is nearly dead. (In the movie her death is censored, and Thresh slams her into a wall where she dies instantly.) After Katniss and Thresh have left the Cornucopia, Cato finds her body and begs her to stay with him. Katniss continues fleeing, and a few minutes later, a cannon sounds confirming her death.