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You obviously have to buy your own VIP concert ticket. They only offer regular tickets.

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Q: Does one direction offer vip concert tickets?
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How much for rent one direction for a concert-?

There is not a way to rent the band One Direction for a concert. You can get tickets and go see the band One Direction.

Are tickets to the one direction concert in Tampa sold out?


Is there any one direction concert tickets for ma?


Have one direction brought out 2014 concert tickets?

Not yet.

Where do you get tickets for one direction's concert in Dubai?


Where can I buy concert tickets for a One Direction concert? has tickets for one direction concerts. I think you should be able to find one there that will fit your need, and maybe even for a good price?

How much is One Direction concert tickets for 2 people?

It depends on where and when the concert is being held.

Where can one buy Toby Keith concert tickets?

One can purchase Toby Keith concert tickets from various websites like Amazon and Ticketmaster. Both websites offer all kinds of concert tickets including Toby Keith concert tickets.

How can you get concert tickets for one direction and big time rush?

ticket master

How can I get tickets for One Direction at Madison Square Garden. What websites are good to buy tickets on?

there is no way to get tickets for the one direction concert at MSG. it is already sold out. sorry if someone told you differently.

Does one direction tickets offer military discount?


Where do you directly buy one direction tickets as they first come out?

You can buy One Direction tickets on Ticketmaster. Tickets are also sold on One Directions website. One Direction is a popular band, so if someone wants to attend their concert you will have to be fast at getting tickets before they sell out.