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It depends on where and when the concert is being held.

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Q: How much is One Direction concert tickets for 2 people?
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How much for rent one direction for a concert-?

There is not a way to rent the band One Direction for a concert. You can get tickets and go see the band One Direction.

How much are one direction concert tickets?

More than you could ever afford...

How much are tickets to one direction's concert in Columbus Ohio?

depends on where you wanna sit they range from 150- and on

Where can you buy one direction vip tickets?

pretty much all websites that sell concert tickets and things like that but i'm pretty sure they're sold out for 2013

How much are the tickets for the concert one direction?

It depends on where and when you buy them, I just got mine and they were like from 150-200. But I got them early.

How much do backstage passes cost for one direction concert columbus ohio 2013?

Tickets cost about 300-600 dollars.

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How much are Vanessa Hudgens concert tickets?

about 450!

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How much are tickets for cheerios chiildline concert 2009?

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