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I dont think there is Back Stage tickets unless your, like driving them or something

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Q: How much is one direction backstage tickets in Australia?
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How much do backstage passes cost for one direction concert columbus ohio 2013?

Tickets cost about 300-600 dollars.

How much are one direction tickets in Australia?

They are $72.00!! Very cheap for an AMAZING band!!!!!!!!!!!

How much do mindless behavior backstage tickets cost?

35 dollars

How much are the backstage tickets to her concert?

Im not sure but for her it might be like 1oo pounds

How much is it for backstage passes to a One Direction concert to meet them aswell?


How much does one direction backstage passes cost for 2013 Hersey pa?

The One Direction VIP tickets are already sold out in ticketmaster even though maybe they sell some (maybe fake im not sure) VIP tickets. At ticketmaster the tickets costed $350 Simple Package And $450 or $400 For The Full Package which include first row tickets one picture with the boys and one signature per boy.

How much is mindless behavior backstage tickets?

i think they cost like 35 dollars or probably more

How much money is 2 backstage passes for one direction in Florida?

799.99 each.

How much are backstage passes to warped tour?

Backstage passes to the Warped Tour are different prices. The tickets can be only be purchased through the, Unite the United fundraiser for the TJ Martel Foundation.

How much do backstage passes cost for Adam Lambert in phoenix?

i never konw much does it cost for adam lambert's conster tickets to his show

How much do backstage passes cost for one direction in Houston Texas 2013?

About 350 bucks.

How much do Andre Rieu tickets normally cost?

The cost of tickets depend on where you are seeing him and what section you are in. They have been found for as little as $80 up to $1250 for a backstage pass to meet him.