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My tickets were around 100 dollars each and I had floor tickets.

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Q: How much were tickets to the Monster Ball Tour?
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How much are warped tour tickets?

usually tickets for Warped Tour are around $30 plus fees.

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I found some tickets to the Nickelback/SickPuppies/BreakingBenjami tour tickets for $45.

How much money did Monster's Ball gross worldwide?

Monster's Ball grossed $43,766,463 worldwide.

How much money did Monster's Ball gross domestically?

Monster's Ball grossed $31,273,922 in the domestic market.

Why are Lady Gaga tickets so expensive if she loves her Little Monsters?

Lady gaga's tickets are regarded expensive until you actually go and see her show. They turn out to be excellent value. Lady gaga has expensive tour stages, background team, many outfits made by designer companies such as VERSACE, and she has her concerts held at only the best venues. As an example, for The Monster Ball, tickets were being sold at £32.50, this still wasn't enough, and Gaga wasn't even making her money back, she was in $2 million debt. Therefore charging higher ticket prices allows her to make the best show possible, but they turn out to be the most excellent value beating the theatrics of pretty much all the concerts.

How much are the tickets in Seattle for the One direction tour?


How much are Linkin Park Australia tour tickets going to cost?

for silver tickets at showbiz its 135 for gold its 169

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How much are VIP tickets to warped tour 2012?

You cant buy them you have to earn them or win them

How much is Justin Biebers your World Tour tickets?

about $35-$101 depending on where you sit

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$200 a piece in new Orleans