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Q: How much did tickets to the first official inaugural ball cost?
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How much were tickets to the first official inaugural ball in 1809?

they were $4 per person.

How much did tickets cost to the first inaugural ball?


When was the first inaugural ball?

James Madison

Who was the First President to invite African Americans to Inaugural ball?

that was thomas Jefferson

Which First Lady had an inaugural gown decorated with jeweled insects?

Martha Ball Washington.

Who was the first president to have an inaugural ball held for him?

Although his friends made George Washington the guest of honor at a ball about a week after he took office as the first president, the first inaugural event that was like the modern inaugural balls was for James Madison in 1809. His wife, Dolley, organized a ball at Long's Hotel in Washington and charged a substantial admission to collect campaign funds just as in done now.

Who was the first president to have an inaugural ball held for him in 1809?

James Madison was the president who was inaugurated in 1809.

Which president walked to his inaugural ball?

Thomas Jefferson was the first and probably only president to walk to and from his inauguration.

How much will Obama's inaugural ball cost?

$140 Million. 2005 inaugural ball cost $40 Million. I guess we know where the stimulus was spent.

What year did Dolley Madison serve ice cream at the inaugural ball of her husband?

On March 4,1813 at Madison second inaugural ball, ice cream was served.

Belle of inaugural ball 2009?

Regina Belle

What are the release dates for Rock and Roll Inaugural Ball - 1993 - TV?

Rock and Roll Inaugural Ball - 1993 - TV was released on: USA: 29 January 1993

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