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There are many sites that re-sell concert and other event tickets to potential buyers on the web. The most well known are Stub Hub, Cheap Tickets, and Go Tickets.

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One can book/purchase UB40 concert cheap tickets from Ticketmaster. But the cheapest tickets would be winning the tickets from your local radio station.

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Q: Where can one find cheap online concert tickets?
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Where can somebody find cheap tickets to a music concert?

You can find some cheap tickets in your local ticket shop, or you go to the concert and wait for someone to sell you a cheap ticket. that is the best way.

Where can I find cheap train tickets online?

You can go to to find cheap train tickets online

Where can you find concert tickets for Hannah Montana in Washington DC?

ticket master You can find tickets for her concert online. You can visit websites which have the information of her upcoming concerts.

Where can I find cheap plane tickets online?

According to a google search, the best place for cheap tickets online is place called Cheap Tickets. Thier link is here:

Where can one find Celine Dion concert tickets online?

Celine Dion concert tickets can be found online at sites like Stubhub, VividSeats, and TicketMaster. Celine Dion tickets can also be found at TicketSnow and Excite.

How do you get Selena Gomez concert tickets?

You find a grocery or go online to buy them.

Where can I find cheap tickets to concerts?

Concert tickets are expensive if you buy them directly from If the show is not sold out, you can probably find a good price at or

Were can you get free Hannah Montana tickets?

You can see her for cheap like in concert online like RIGHT when the tickets go on sale but if you want to see her, see her, like VIP passes. The scalpers (aka people that bouy the tickets for cheap and sellt hem for thousands) get all the tickets and they are really hard and expensive to get. Miley and Billy Ray made a special website where her people sell the tickets for one price and one price only so more of her fans can go to the concert for WAY CHEAP.

Where can one find cheap tickets for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

One can find cheap tickets for the Cleveland Cavaliers by searching online. Maybe through Ticketmaster or calling a stadium. Vivid Seats and Stub Hub might have cheap tickets.

Where can one find a cheap cruise in the Caribbean?

You can find a cheap cruise in the Caribbean online at Expedia and at Cheap Tickets. There are multiple cruises to choose from Just go to Expedia or Cheap Tickets and pick the cruise you want to take.

How can you get cheap basketball tickets?

You could find cheap basketball tickets at vendors online such as Ticket Master and others such as Live Nation if they accept sports.

Where can I find cheap tickets online?

Finding cheap tickets online maybe easy. Their are many classes out their that is easy with discounts from 50-80% of. Try ticket master or pacing faces are a few.