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no he/she does not

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Q: Does chrona die in soul eater?
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What is the full name of chrona in soul eater?

I think it's just chrona but it might be chrona gorgon

Do Tobi Uchiha and Chrona from Soul Eater have the same voice?


Is medusa from soul eater good or bad?

Medusa-sama is very, very evil. She abused her son (or daughter) Chrona and tries to create another kishin

Does medusa ever become a good guy in soul eater?

no not really, she helps the academy at one point but only for her own gain, she then recaptures Chrona for her own evil plans.

In soul eater does eruka die?


Does crona die in soul eater?

Unbelievably, no.

Does Dr Stein die in Soul Eater?

No Dr Stein does not die in soul eater he lives and you could just watch the anime and then your answer would apear

What is the name of the 2nd series of soul eater?

Soul Eater Not!

Is soul eater a keyblade?

yes soul eater is a keyblade

What is Soul Eater rated?

Soul Eater is rated 15.

Will soul eater have a new series out soon?

There's a new Soul Eater manga series called Soul Eater Not!.

Will they be making a new series related to soul eater called soul eater not?

Soul eater is already a anime if thats what you meant.