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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is about 15 or 16 years old in the Soul Eater series.

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Q: How old is Tsubaki in Soul Eater?
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Does tsubaki from soul eater ever becomes a death scythe?


Who is the girl with black hair on soul eater?

Her name is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. :)

How old is tsubaki from soul eater?

In the anime (im not sure about the manga) it doesnt say... but I would think she is 15 or 16

How old is Jacqueline in soul eater?

Everyone in Soul Eater is about 14 years old, though maybe Tsubaki and Liz are a few years older. That probably didn't help much, but if it did, I'm glad I could help.

How old is Soul Evans in Soul Eater?

Soul Around 15 and just do you know everyone else's age Maka is 14. Black*Star is 13. Kid is 14. Liz is problobly 15-16. Patty 15. And Tsubaki is 14. There around that age.

Did tsubaki die in soul eater?

Sadly,yes he does die by a kishin but I think he comes back.

How old is spirit in soul eater?

31 my dear

What are the names of the girls in soul eater?

The 4 main, female characters in Soul Eater are: Maka Albarn, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson, and Patricia (Patty) Thompson. Other important females include: Medusa, Blair, Marie Mjolnir, Yumi Azusa, Angela, Eruka Frog, and Arachne.

How old is kid on soul eater?

Kid is fourteen years old.

How old is soul eater?

It's never officially said.

How old is stubaski is soul eater?

She is 18. She is oldest of the groop.

Who are the characters in soul eater?

I've seen the anime and I can tell you the people. Death the kid,Soul Eater,Maka Albarn, Blackstar, Tsubaki,Crona, Stein, Lord Death, Asura, Patricia Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Spirit, Justin Law, Ragnarok That's all I can think of right now hope this helped :D