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Yes, a parent or guardian.

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Q: Does a parent have to accompany you to a rated R movie at Hollywood Theaters?
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Where can a person go to find a listing of theaters in Hollywood?

One can find a list of movie theaters in Hollywood on the Moviefone website. One can find lists of movie theaters or regular theaters in this location on both Yellow Pages and Yelp by simply doing a search in the correct categories.

Can 16 year olds see rated r movies?

Rated R movies require an adult to accompany anyone under 17 years old.

What movie is about female fraternal twins who are reunited in Hollywood?

parent trap???

Can movie theaters search your purse?

yes movie theaters can search your purse

Why won't the theater let me see an R-rated movie when I am 13 and my mom said I could?

You may need your mom to accompany you. Any adult over 17 is accepted in some theaters.

Can you watch scary movies at 10 years old?

Yes, if your parents say it's okay. Unless it's an NC-17 movie and you want to see it in a theater. Kids under 17 can see R rated movies in theaters with a parent or guardian, however, kids under 17 CANNOT see an NC-17 movie in theaters, not even with a parent.

What is the movie funny people rated?

Funny People is rated R by the MPAA. A rating of R requires a parent or guardian to accompany a person 17 or younger.

Does a person need to be 20 to get a child in to see a rated R movie?

yes you can. in some movie theaters like the one by my house mann cinnima you do not have to be 18 to see the movie or even need a parent

What is the age rating for repossessed?

The movie Repossessed was released in theaters on September 14, 1990. The age rating for the movie was PG-13. If the child is under 13, a parent must give permission to watch the movie.

Where can one find new movie rating information?

You can find new movie rating information online at the Parent Previews website. Once on the page, you can get movie ratings for films on DVD, Blu-Ray and in Theaters.

Is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows still playing in theaters and where?

i think it depends on the movie theaters should check with your local movie theaters...

When is the new Vacation movie due in theaters?

pls. tell me when the new movie Vacation will be in theaters