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yes movie theaters can search your purse

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Q: Can movie theaters search your purse?
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Where can a person go to find a listing of theaters in Hollywood?

One can find a list of movie theaters in Hollywood on the Moviefone website. One can find lists of movie theaters or regular theaters in this location on both Yellow Pages and Yelp by simply doing a search in the correct categories.

When is wimpy kid 2nd movie coming out in theaters?

Iv'e heard it it supposed to come out sometime in March 2011. For more info search the movie websites.

Where can one find current movie listings for Pacific Theaters?

In order to find out current movie listings being shown by Pacific Theaters, one would need to go to the Pacific Theaters web page. Then, on the left hand side of the page, there is the option to search by movie or location. Enter you location, choose the theater you want to go to and then it will show you what listings are available.

Is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows still playing in theaters and where?

i think it depends on the movie theaters should check with your local movie theaters...

When is the new Vacation movie due in theaters?

pls. tell me when the new movie Vacation will be in theaters

What month did the twilight movie come out in theaters?

The Twilight movie came out in the theaters in November of 2008.

How long will Justin biebers movie be in theaters?

It will be in theaters for a while.

When does the movie prom come to theaters?

In Theaters April 29

How do you fix a purse's handle using sewing?

by sew the handle onto the purse. (if it does not help search on Youtube )

What kinds of theater are there?

I know of drama theaters, surgeon's operating theaters, movie theaters, and theaters of war. There may be others . . .

What are the top movies for kids?

Tron Legacy PG (in movie theaters) Tangled G (in movie theaters)

What country has the most movie theaters?

Soviet Union have about 1,50,000 movie theaters followed by U.S.[13,500].