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Inelastic demand is the reason why movie theaters charge less in the afternoon than in the evening.

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Q: Why the Movie theaters charge lower prices to see a movie in the afternoon than in the evening?
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Is changing movie ticket prices illegal?

Theaters can charge whatever the market will bear.

How much is a ticket to see imax?

It depends on the theater that you go to. Different theaters charge different prices.

Why do theaters charge different ticket prices based on age but not for popcorn?

Because popcorn is sold in different sizes.

What are the theater prices week and weekend?

Most theater prices don't change price from week to weekend. Many theaters have day time (or matinee) prices and charge more at night. Beyond that you will need to specify which of the thousands of theaters you are asking the prices for; chances are you will find that information easily on their individual websites.

Why are prices for food and drinks at a movie theater not regulated by the FTC?

All retailers are allowed to set their own prices with one exception: Price Gouging laws. However, since theaters price gouge every day, they don't violate that law, which applies to jacking up prices in emergency situations. As long as there are people willing to pay the prices theaters charge, nothing will change.

What are the ticket prices for kids in the mann theaters?


What are Prices Of Concessions At The Movie Theaters?

It varies from city to city.

What are the prices for Regal Kendall Village Stadium 16 in Miami?

Matinee Prices (in the early afternoon):Adult: $8.50Senior: $7.50Child: $7.50Regular Prices (late afternoon/nighttime)Adult: $10.50Senior: $7.50Child: $7.50

How many people think that the prices on candy at movie theaters are too expensive?

Movie Theaters actually make most of their profit on food and beverages. As long as people are willing to pay these prices, nothing will change.

How much are tickets to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?

Typically, the seats for watching different movies have the same price. In any case, the price varies according to region, and even within the same city, different movie theaters may charge different prices.

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why do different tag agencies in ok. charge different prices

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