Did Toby and Emily kiss

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, she was only interested in Maya

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Q: Did Toby and Emily kiss
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What happens at homecoming in Pretty Little Liars?

Emily takes Toby to homecoming and then takes her into a room but doesn't let her out. Emily eventually gets out and Toby runs after her. Emily hits her head and toby takes her to the hospital but he just drops her off and leave.

What happens to Emily after Toby is running after her in Pretty Little Liars?

Emily falls down and hurts herself. Toby then drops her off at the hospital and leaves her there.

Where is Toby in Pretty Little Liars in the new season?

Toby died in the first season. He died after he thought Emily found out what he used to do to Jenna but Emily thought he was a.

What hapens to Emily on the homecoming dance on Pretty Little Liars?

Emily was running away from Toby because he was freaking her out a little. Emily got a text from her friends, when Toby was almost about to explain. Emily push Toby and he started bleeding. Emily ran down to find her friends but after she pass the rooms with the mirror, she fell down and injured her head. Also, a lot of people said she died buy no.

What role does Toby play in Emilys life in a rose for Emily?

Toby serves as Emily's gardener and, later in the story, her potential lover. He is the only person Emily allows to help her maintain her home as she becomes more reclusive. Toby symbolizes the only connection Emily has to the outside world and the desperation for companionship that Emily feels.

Are Spencer and Toby going to kiss on Pretty Little Liars episode 19?

If you watched the episode on Monday February 28, 2011 then you would know that Spencer and Toby did kiss.

Why did Toby from Pretty Little Liars hit Emily's boyfriend?

Ben was hurting Emily. He was just being A gentlemen.

Is Toby from Pretty Little Liars actually dead?

nope Toby is still a alive:)! no Toby died he killed him self cuz he felt giult for what happend to Emily

What happens to Toby after Emily gets injured?

Toby runs away. Then Jenna cry's because she thinks Toby died. But he didn't. But a few days later they found Toby by a near-by gas station.

Dose Toby in pretty little liars date Emily?

Yes he does! :)

Who do Aria Hanna Emily and Spencer end up with at the end of Pretty Little Liars?

The books are still being published. The serie is very different.

Do Spencer and Toby kiss in Pretty Little Liars?