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Q: Did Justin have a baby with a women in the bathroom?
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How do women go to the bathroom in a men's bathroom?

Women can sit on the toilets in a mens' bathroom the same as they do in a womens' bathroom.

Were is Justin bieber this second?

in the bathroom

Who sings baby baby?

Justin bieber sings baby

Do Justin Bieber got a baby?

No, Justin did not get Selena pregnant. So Justin does not have a baby

Has Justin beaber got a baby?

No he does not have a baby. And its "Justin bieber"

Why Justin bieber wrote the song maria?

Justin wrote the song about a women called mariah yeater who claimed justin was the father of her baby and tried to send him to court for child support but she was soon found to be lieing

Did miley and Justin Bieber have a baby?

no, miley and Justin did not have a baby. Justin beiber has not had a baby with anyone yet. but he is now dating Selena Gomez.

What is Justin Beiber's most popular song?

Justin Bieber's most populat song was 'Baby' :) Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh!

What is Justin Bieber and miley cyruss baby name?

they have no baby and Justin Bieber hates myley cyrus!

Who is Justin Biebers best baby sitter?

Justin Beiber does not need a baby sitter.

What did Justin bieber look like when a baby?

Justin was just the cutest little baby! And he still is!

Who helped Justin bieber write baby?

Ludacris helped Justin Bieber with his song Baby.