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No, Joe was dating Camilla Belle, but then they broke up. Joe is currently single.

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I am not very sure but I think you mean Aly and Aj Michalka. If that is what you are asking than, no Joe only dated Aj. Lucky girl!!

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Q: Did Joe Jonas go out with Amelia Than Aye?
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Do the Jonas Brothers like supermodels?

Joe from the Jonas brothers dated an Australian model and they looked so cute together......... i think her name was Amelia Than-Aye.

Who was joe jonases latest girlfriend?

Amelia Aye is his ex girlfriend.

What is The song Aulstraila By The Jonas Brothers about?

Joe's ex-girlfriend Amelia

Who is Joe Jonas' newest crush?

Jessica Alba and Amelia Plastina !! <3 good for you Joe !!

How old is Amelia aye?

Her birthday is June 26, 1989. She's the same age as Joe. and she has the same birthday as me but a different year

Joe Jonas sayed he was in love with a girl that wasnt on t.v is it true?

Yes. Joe once dated a girl who is unfamous here in the US. Her name is Amelia, and she is a model from Australia. Joe and Amelia are no longer together.

Why was the song by the Jonas brothers Australia written?

joe dated an Australian girl named Amelia.

Is Joe Jonas older than Kevin Jonas?

joe is 21 and Kevin is 19

Why does Kevin Jonas weigh less than Joe Jonas?

he weighs less than joe because hes skinny and joe has muscle

How did Joe Jonas get taller than Kevin Jonas?

He grew.

How much older is kavin Jonas then Joe Jonas?

Kevin Jonas is i think 3 years older than joe

Who is Joseph Jonas older than Taylor swift?

yes joe is older than Taylor swift.i love joe Jonas.