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He dated a girl named a Amelia wh is not famous. (She is from Austraila that's why they wrote the song Austraila)

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Q: Did Joe Jonas date anyone who is not famous?
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Does Joe Jonas kiss on the first date?

Joe Jonas has never kissed anyone

Will Joe Jonas only date famous people?


Would Joe Jonas date you even if im not famous?

yes he will because you don't have to daet some one famous if you famous from joe Jonas

Does Joe Jonas date girls who are not famous?

Yes he does. he is currently.

Would Joe Jonas date someone who is not famous?

he said that he would

Does Miley like Joe Jonas?

Miley likes anyone. She will date anyone and anything to get attention.

Does Joe Jonas want to date anyone now?

"I want 2 date but it's hard 2 cause I'm in a different city like everyday!" - Joe Jonas

Would Joe Jonas date a Jamaican girl?

Answer No he will not. because curry sucks.

Did Miley date Nick Jonas and then date Joe Jonas?

yea she dated nick Jonas but not joe Jonas

Has Joe Jonas ever dated anyone who is not a celebrity since he became famous?

yes he has Who?

Do you need to be famous to date Joe Jonas?

No! Of course not! Joe Jonas is a sensible guy and would not expect much of you except you need to be a nice and caring girl.

What is the youngest age that Joe Jonas will date?

he said he wont date anyone older or 2 years younger than him