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No! Nick is cuter!!

nick is so cute!!

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Q: Is Joe Jonas hotter than Nick Jonas?
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Which guy do you think i hotter Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas?

JOE Jonas is hotter than NICK because Nick has ugly curly hair and Joes hair is very straight JOE IS HOT RIGHT ON First of all Joe is better lookin and then some. Nick Jonas is okay. OBVIOUSLY JOE JONAS Joe Jonas all the way to mars! Joe is everything Nick Jonas' hair is not ugly. Joe Jonas is the hottest man on Earth!! THIS DEBATE COULD GO ON FOR YEARS. BUT STOP. THEY ARE BOTH ATTRACTIVE. AND THEY DONT LIKE BEING CALLED HOT

Nick or Joe Jonas?

If your asking whos hotter then i say joe Jonas 80% and nick Jonas 20%

Do fans like joe or Nick Jonas better?

joe Jonas because he is way hotter then nick

Who is hot out of the Jonas brothers?

NOBODY! the Jonas Brothers are all hotter than most boys i know!

Joe Jonas's I need to know now?

Joe Jonas's what speeck clearly next time Joe is hot but NICK is like HOTTER

Is the mc fly Danny Jones hotter than Joe Jonas?

Danny is hotter than joe !!!!!

Does Joe Jonas have a weemee?

joe is joe Jonas nick is nick Jonas Kevin is Kevin Jonas

Is Joe Jonas better than Nick Jonas?

THEY are BOth Gay

Who do you think is hotter Joe Jonas or Jessie McCartney?

I would have to say that Joe Jonas is hotter than Jessie McCartney and hes got a way better voice.

Who is hotter Kevin or Joe Jonas?


Do more girls like Joe Kevin or Nick Jonas?

nick Jonas then joe then Kevin

Who muscules are bigger Joe Jonas or Nick Jonas?

Joe Jonas works out more than Nick does, and, if you've ever gone to a JB concert, you'd see!