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yes you can pin your opponent or you can climb out of the cage to claim the win so yes you can pin your opponent in a steel cage match.

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Q: Can you pin your opponent in a steel cage match?
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How do you unlock dusty Rhodes on svr 2010?

you play randy orton's road to wrestlemania. in the wrestle mania match you pin cody rhodes. after you pin him dusty will have a match with you. you use a rko on him. and then you pin him.

How do you beat JBL in the retirement match in smackdown vs raw 2010 for psp?

just pin him

Did ric flair ever beat hogan?

Flair actually won the first ever mach between them, a WWE Title match in Dayton, OH in 1991. The decission was by count-out. The basic script for their series of matches in 1991 in WWE was for Flair to pin Hogan, appearing to win the title, only to have the decission reversed on a technicality due to Flair's rulebreaking. Flair beat Hogan by count-out in their televised Clash Of Champions TV Special match in August, 1994. Hogan was injured in the story line leading up to that encounter. Flair pinned Hogan in a Jan 1996 match on Monday Nitro TV program, believed to be the first time Hogan was pinned in a non pay per view match since 1988 (when he was pinned by Andre The Giant in the main event of a NBC TV Special). Flair defeated Hogan for the WCW title in March 1999 in a Steel Cage match.

How do you escape pin-fall from WWE 12 game?

you have to just go to the person and tap your action key remember when opponent is lie on the ring and please somebody tell me how to escape from pin fall in wwe UI 2012

What are the controls when you are the ref on WWE Smackdown vs Raw?

X is to count some one out, ring the bell when they submit, or to pin. The other controls are the same as if you were the wrestler in the match.

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How do you win a steel cage match in the WWE?

To win a steel cage match in the WWE you have to pin the opponent.

What do you do in a steel cage match?

Be The First To Pin,Make Your Opponent Submit,Or Escape The Cage

How do steel cage match in raw'12 PC game?

we have to pin

Where should you pin the opponent in a hell in a cell match?

To win a Hell in a Cell match, you typically aim to pin your opponent anywhere inside the ring, as long as the pinfall is performed according to the rules of the match. The specific location for the pin within the ring may vary depending on the situation and strategy of the match.

How do you win a Hell in a Cell match in wrestling?

To win a Hell in a Cell match in wrestling, one typically needs to either pin their opponent for a three-count, make them submit, or escape the cell structure to be declared the winner.

How do you do a dirty pin on WWE 2011?

You have to give the superstar your using the ability "Dirty Pin". After you have done that, during a match if you want to perform a dirty pin, drag your opponent neart the ropes and pin him. When you see your superstar put his legs on the rope, you have just performed a dirty pin.

How are olympic wrestling winners determined?

There are four major ways a match is won.1. you pin your oppenents shoulders on the mat until the ref declares a pin2. You score more points than your opponent in regulation3. Your opponent is injured and can not continue4. The match is forfeited

Explain why a magnet can attract pins but not matches?

A magnet is made of 'Soft' Iron. A pin has steel (iron) in it. A match does NOT have iron in it.

Will Jeff hardy ever be back on WWE?

I DON'T THINK SO NOW...He just lost a match between himself and cm punk and the stipulation was that one of them had to get over the steel cage or pin and whoever lost couldn't come back on WWE but i doubt hardy will be away for long

Will the match end in WWE 13 if the ring breaks?

No, it will be similar to the Big Show v Mark Henry match, where if it breaks you would still have to pin/submission your opponent. Actually it was stated that the ring breaking is an automatic KO.

How do you get a pin in wrestling?

Being pinned in wrestling is when the opponent gets both of your shoulders on the mat (and holds it). The match is then over and the opponent wins the entire match (even if you have more points then him/her).

Does steel pin float on saline water?

No, steel is denser than saline water, so a steel pin would sink in saline water.